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How to choose LED light power supply

How to choose LED light power supply

Whether you are building your own LED luminaire or refurbishing existing luminaires, you need to find the right power supply for the LED. You will need a constant current LED driver or a constant voltage power supply to make your LED work properly. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a power supply for LED lighting.

Ensure control of LED current
Most LEDs require current limiting devices to prevent the LEDs from being overdriven. The constant-current driver or current-limiting resistor is used to regulate the current flowing to the LEDs, so that they can operate safely and maximize their service life. The electrical characteristics of the LED will change with increasing temperature. If the current is not adjusted, the LED will absorb too much current, which will eventually cause the LED lamp to malfunction. If you want to build your own LED luminaire or work with any of our component star LEDs, a constant current device is required in the system.

Constant voltage power supply
The constant voltage power supply can be used to power LED lights that already have resistors or constant current drivers in the system. These types of products usually require a constant DC voltage. Unless you are using battery power or happen to have a constant DC voltage sufficient to meet your lighting needs, you will need a power supply to convert the power supply to a safe DC voltage for lighting.

How to choose the right power supply?

First, confirm the lamp power. If you want to use one power supply to turn off more than one lighting, you must add up the total power to find the total wattage used. By providing a 20% buffer for the total LED power calculated by yourself, ensure that there is a sufficiently large power supply.
Voltage and current
When constructing LED lamps or replacing bad power supplies, it is important to first confirm that the output voltage is compatible with the LED voltage. LED products with built-in current regulators usually specify the input voltage that should be used. Another common application is the use of high-power LEDs with constant current drivers, which require DC voltage input. In addition, please make sure that the selected power supply can handle the input power you have. The line voltage will vary according to your geographic location.

Dimmable LED power supply
If your LED is dimmable and you want to adjust its brightness, make sure to use a power supply with dimming function. The power supply specification should list whether the power supply is dimmable and the type of dimmer control used.

Temperature and weather
The important factor that cannot be ignored when choosing a power supply is the area and environment to be used. If the power supply is used within its temperature parameter range, the operating efficiency of the power supply is the highest. The power supply specifications should include a safe operating temperature range. Placing the power supply in a small enclosure without a ventilation system is usually a bad choice. In this way, even with the passage of time, even the minimum heat generated by the source will accumulate and eventually the power source will be cooked.
Each LED light power supply will also have an IP rating. The IP rating consists of a two-digit code that indicates the solid size and liquid pressure that the power supply can resist. The first number refers to the amount of solids that the device can withstand, while the second number refers to the amount of liquid that the device can tolerate. As each number increases, the level of protection also increases. As the first number increases, the product will be protected by smaller and smaller objects, making it less susceptible to any entry and damage. With the increase of the second number, the product will be protected from only being protected from light rain to full immersion.

When choosing a power supply for your LED project, it is important to know where to install or install it. If it is to be placed in the product to be manufactured, it must be small enough to fit the space provided. If it is outside the application, there should be a way to mount it. There are various power supplies with different sizes and shapes to meet your needs.

I hope this article will help you find the right power supply for your LED light. Please take some time and then choose the one that best suits your situation and has safety requirements from the surrounding area in order to set it for long-term use.