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How to Use an Enclosed Switching Power Supply

How to Use an Enclosed Switching Power Supply

There are many applications for an enclosed switching power supply — for example, you can build a 3D printer in which the power supply controls the stepper motor used to position the print head. There are a wide range of types of switching power supplies with different voltages and current ratings to suit a variety of applications, including supplying power to the stepper motors in CNC machines.

Enclosed Switching Power Supplies
A typical enclosed switching power supply
Another popular application for switching power supplies is in LED lighting. Simply select the appropriate voltage and current rating for the LED lighting module and connect it to the screw terminals on the power output of the power supply. Depending on the output current rating of your power supply, you can connect several LED modules in parallel to the same power supply, reducing the number of 110V connections and the overall cost.

These types of lights are great for lighting a workbench. You can find LED light modules with an aluminum channel and magnets that you can attach to the underside of your workbench’s shelf (see below). Attach three or four of these modules to the workbench and wire them all together, connecting them to a single power supply. Then connect a simple line cord to the unit and plug it into a power strip. Whenever the power strip is turned on all of the LED lights will come on. You can easily reposition magnetic lights like these to suit whatever project you’re working on.

Led Lighting
Enclosed switching power supplies are ideal for powering LED lights.
5, 24, and 48 volt switching power supplies are frequently used in telecommunications. A 5 volt power supply is a perfect power source for power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors for the IP-based telephone equipment used in many business telephone systems. These power supplies are readily available, making it fast and easy to replace a failed power supply. They are also very cost-effective.

Using an enclosed switching power supply to supply 5 volts to a PoE injector in a telephone system.