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china power supply will usher in a stable situation in the next 3-5 years

china power supply will usher in a stable situation in the next 3-5 years

At present, the five market demand trends of LED lighting drive power can be summarized as: high efficiency, high reliability, wide compatibility with dimming and non-dimming applications, smaller and smaller optics.

According to analysts from Shangpu Consulting, most companies are very optimistic about the prospects of LED, but at the same time, they also see the uneven development of the industry. The vicious competition of low price, low quality and mutual defamation does not help the long-term development of the enterprise and the orderly development of the industry. The problem that many enterprises mentioned that a large number of emerging enterprises switch to LED power supply has indeed disrupted the industry.

The entry of these enterprises has caused certain problems for the industry, and the unevenness of products has caused many consumers to think that LED power supply is still in an extremely immature stage. However, these enterprises have spurred the industry and will certainly promote the leading enterprises in the industry. Greater determination to make a breakthrough. After three or five years of market experience, after the industry shuffle, the LED power industry will also usher in a stable situation.

According to the “Report” of Shangpu Consulting, from January to June 2011, the output value of china power supply industry reached 1.272 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.2%. In 2015, the output value of China's LED drive power industry is expected to reach 2.963 billion yuan.

It is understood that the market for LED street lamps is very large, and the world will form a market of 500-100 billion US dollars in the next 5-10 years. China's market will also exceed 250 billion yuan. In Guangdong alone, there are 4 million street lamps. If it is replaced, it will cost 30 billion yuan.