Power Supply Box

SwitchingPower Supply Box mainly apply to display, module, string light, etc. which is installed in the dry and airy environment. There are two types of products in sopudar SMPS. One is square case SMPS, used for colorful lights, dimming lamps and so on, and another is strip SMPS, which is mainly used for light box

SB-36W-12-4 12V CCTV Power Supply

4CHS 36W 12VDC 3A LED 12V C

SB-60W-12-4 12 Volt DC Power Supply

4CHS 60W 12VDC 5A LED 12 Vo

SB-120W-12-8 CCTV Camera Power Supply

8CHS 120W 12VDC 10A LED &am

SB-120W-12-9 Power Supply Factory

9CHS 120W 12VDC 10A LED Pow

SB-180W-12-9 Security Power Supply

9CHS 180W 12VDC 15A LED Sec

SB-120W-12-18 Switch Mode DC Power Supply

18CHS 120W 12VDC 10A LED Sw

SB-180W-12-18 LED Driver Power Supply

18CHS 180W 12VDC 15A LED Dr

SB-240W 12-18 CCTV Power Supply Box

18CHS 240W 12VDC 20A LED CC

SB-360W-12-18 Multi Output Power Supply

18CHS 360W 12VDC 30A LED Mu

SB-480W-12-18 CCTV Power Box

18CHS 480W 12VDC 40A LED CC