SOPUDAR Power Tech. specialized in the development, production and marketing of Power supply products,Water-proof & Rain-proof power supply etc.
● 19→History about 19 years                                    ● 8000→Over square meters of workplace
● 300→Capacity 300 thousand/month                     ● 3C→Certificatons 3C,CE,FCC,ROHS

SWL-80W-12 12v Dc Switching Power Supply

80W 12VDC 6.5A LED Waterpro

SWL-100W-12 Switch Power Supplies

100W 12VDC 8.3A LED Waterpr

SWL-150W-12 Wholesale Power Supply

150W 12VDC 12.5A LED Waterp

SWL-200W-12 200W Slim Power Supply Switch

200W 12VDC 16.7A LED Waterp

SWL-300W-12 12 Volt Switching Power Supply

300W 12VDC 25A LED Waterpro

SWL-400W-12 Waterproof 12v Dc Power Supply

400W 12VDC 33.3A LED Waterp

SWL-80W-24 LED Strip Power 24VDC

80W 24VDC 3.25A LED Waterpr

SWL-100W-24 Switch Power Supply

100W 24VDC 4.15A LED Waterp

SWL-200W-24 Ac Dc Switching Power Supply

200W 24VDC 8.35A LED Waterp

SWL-300W-24 Smps Switch Mode Power Supply

300W 24VDC 12.5A LED Waterp

SWL-400W-24 Switching Mode Power Supply

400W 24VDC 16.7A LED Switch