Rain proof Power Supply

LED Rain proof power supply of SOPUDAR is one kind of SMPS (Switch mode power supply) designed for outdoor installation LED applications. By using the tight combination of aluminum extrusion case and sealed end closure, vertical installed SMPS can effectively prevent the rain from erosion.

SR-60W-12 Rain Proof Power Supply

60W 12VDC 5A LED Rain Proof

SR-100W-12 LED Power Supply China

100W 12VDC 8.5A LED Power S

SR-200W-12 LED Power Supply Price

200W 12VDC 16.7A LED Power

SR-250W-12 LED Driver 

250W 12VDC 21A LED dri

SR-400W-12 Power Supply Price

400W 12VDC 33.3A LED strip

SR-60W-24 Power Supply Wholesale

60W 24VDC 2.5A LED Rain Pro

SR-100W-24 Volt DC Power Supply

100W 24VDC 4.2A LED Rain Pr

SR-200W-24 Dimmable LED Strip Driver

200W 24VDC 8.3A LED Rain Pr

SR-250W-24 Dimmable Power Supply

250W 24VDC 10.5A LED Rain P

SR-400W-24 Rainproof Power Supply

400W 24VDC 16.7A LED Rainpr