Slim Power Supply

Slim Power Supply mainly apply to display, module, string light, etc. which is installed in the dry and airy environment. There are two types of products in sopudar SMPS. One is square case SMPS, used for colorful lights, dimming lamps and so on, and another is strip SMPS, which is mainly used for light box

SL-25W-12 AC DC Power Converter

25W 12VDC 2.1A LED AC DC Po

SL-60W-12 slim Power Supply

60W 12VDC 5A LED slim Power

SL-100W-12 Power Supply slim

100W 12VDC 8.5A LED Power S

SL-120W-12 ultra slim power supply

120W 12VDC 10A LED ultra sl

SL-180W-12 slim led driver

180W 12VDC 15A slim led dri

SL-200W-12 slim line power supply

200W 12VDC 16.5A LED slim l

SL-250W-12 LED Lighting Power Supply

250W 12VDC 21A LED Lighting