Ultra-thin Water-proof Power Supply

Ultra-thin Water-proof Power Supply is designed to apply to LED application that is installed in water or humidity environment. The IP rating is IP67. Waterproof power supply can be installed in shallow water.

SWL-80W-12 12v Dc Switching Power Supply

80W 12VDC 6.5A LED Waterpro

SWL-100W-12 Switch Power Supplies

100W 12VDC 8.3A LED Waterpr

SWL-150W-12 Wholesale Power Supply

150W 12VDC 12.5A LED Waterp

SWL-200W-12 200W Slim Power Supply Switch

200W 12VDC 16.7A LED Waterp

SWL-300W-12 12 Volt Switching Power Supply

300W 12VDC 25A LED Waterpro

SWL-400W-12 Waterproof 12v Dc Power Supply

400W 12VDC 33.3A LED Waterp

SWL-80W-24 LED Strip Power 24VDC

80W 24VDC 3.25A LED Waterpr

SWL-100W-24 Switch Power Supply

100W 24VDC 4.15A LED Waterp

SWL-200W-24 Ac Dc Switching Power Supply

200W 24VDC 8.35A LED Waterp

SWL-300W-24 Smps Switch Mode Power Supply

300W 24VDC 12.5A LED Waterp

SWL-400W-24 Switching Mode Power Supply

400W 24VDC 16.7A LED Switch